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Ant Pest Control By Pest Control Services Salford

All types of ants are social insects and live in ordered colonies where each insect has a particular role to play in the day to day running of the nest. All ant nests have a queen who remains in the colony, she is an adult ant whose only function is to reproduce and has not control over the colony.

Species Of Ant In Your Salford Home

Across the world there are many types of species of ant found; some ants go for the tropical heat, whilst around 50 other specie like the cooler temperatures of the UK climate and choose to build their nests and colonies here. You need to identify the correct species of ant, location of the nest and the circumstances in order to carry out effective ant pest control, a common black garden ant will act and react differently to others.

Ant extraction is a perfected process and Pest Control Services Salford specialists have the know how to eradicate these insects from your home by locating the nest.

Ant Control Treatment By Pest Control Services Salford

Get all the practical advice you need from Pest Control Services Salford on how to get rid of ants in your home in Salford as although black garden ants are not harmful to humans, unlike other ant species, there is still a risk that these insects could spread disease.

Ants are difficult to get rid of and they are very resilient so this is why Pest Control Services Salford start with identifying the species and then locating the nest.

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